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Apple Card Custom Etching Engraving

Apple Card Custom Etching Engraving

Regular price $25.00

Why you can trust us! 

  • We've been in business for several years and gathered the trust of all our buyers through verified reviews on eBay, Amazon, and more! 
  • The Apple Card was built for security and privacy. There's no NUMBERS whatsoever, so no security codes or card numbers can be stolen to purchase online. Read more here
  • The card can be replaced and frozen anytime if lost in the mail. 
  • For added protection, we will recommend freezing your card before sending it to us, and then unfreezing it once you receive it fully customized :)
  • Credit card fraud is not fun, so why hurt anyone :(

Why you should go with us!

  • Let's be real, buying a high-powered laser engraver is expensive, especially for a one time job. Without a CO2 engraver, a standard laser will never make it past the titanium. So we've made it easy for you :)
  • All cards are guaranteed to be functional. If not, Apple will replace the card and you keep the same card number and card information, because its store on your phone for only you to see! 
  • You can still use your credit card through APPLE PAY to purchase online and in-stores when the card is not available on you!
  • We've got a team of dedicated designers and crafters to make sure your images is sharp and clean on the one of the cleanest cards out there.
  • We are the only online provider that will do the heavy work for you :)
  • Stand out and show your creativity with your own logo or design neatly etched into the metal for a clean finish. 

How to Order 

  • Email a PNG, transparent image, or sweet message you want engraved to 
  • Please include in the email, which side you want the engraving done on.
  • Checkout. 
  • A shipping label will be sent to your email, in which you will use it to send the Card to us. *Please wrap the Card in paper to prevent any scratching*
  • For added protection, please freeze the card prior to shipping to us. 

Processing Times and Shipping

  • A USPS tracking number is provided for both shipping to us and shipping back to you. 
  • The custom engraving will take 3-5 business days to complete from when it is delivered to us. 
  • Shipping will be done through USPS First Class Mail both ways. To expedite the process, faster shipping can provided at extra cost.

What to do if you are not happy with the card?

  • If a card is damaged by us, we will contact you to inform you and include a full refund on all shipping and engraving cost.
  • We recommend you report the card damaged or lost, in which Apple will replace it for FREE :)
  • If you are not happy with our work, we will refund you the total cost! 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email 24/7.

Check out our video on our custom engraving process!